How it Works | A Bob A Job!


‘A Bob A Job’ Works by allowing anyone with jobs to complete (or projects as we call them) to post them on this website. Other people looking to help or to find work (Freelancers) can respond with a proposal and this proposal can then be accepted or rejected.


Anyone can register, its free and simple, just click on the ‘Register’ button above and fill in your details. You can register as an ‘Employer’, as a ‘Freelancer’ or as ‘Both’. If you intend only to place jobs on the site then ‘Employer’ is for you. If you are only looking for work on the site then ‘Freelancer’ is for you. If you intend to do both ie post jobs and to take jobs then ‘Both’ is the selection you should make. Once registered you will need to add a private email address to your profile. This is the email address that other site members will use to communicate with you. Once you have done this you are ready to login and post jobs (projects) and / or browse projects and submit proposals

Posting Jobs (Projects)

Its really simple to post a job, just click on the POST PROJECT button on the home page and fill in the details of the job you want doing, click ‘continue’, then check your post and click ‘confirm’. That’s it, your job is listed and can been seen by others, who can then make a proposal. A proposal is an offer, from a Freelancer to do your job. It should include details of cost and time scale.

Jobs can be anything, from ‘Help with Shopping’ to ‘Repair My Car’, From ‘Walk my Dog’, to ‘Build me a PC’. Any job can be posted on A Bob A Job! All we ask is that jobs are completed to a high standard, safely, by people with relevant qualifications and within any government guidelines.

Each job requires a category and a sub-category. If you cant find a category or sub-category that suits your job please email us at and we can add the new category for you.

Likewise if you project requires certain skills you can add them when you post your job. If you cant find the required skill please email us at and we can add the new skill for you.

Example Jobs are shown below

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